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NSCA, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

NSCA, Certified Personal Trainer

NTI, Master Nutrition Therapist

TriggerPoint SMR Certified

Kinesis Certified Instructor


My name is Sara. As a personal trainer and nutrition therapist it is my goal to empower you to be strong in every aspect of your life. After 14 years of personal training and 11 years as a holistic nutrition therapist I've learned that personal growth, mental strength, confidence, self-awareness, connection to others, and internal happiness drive our fitness goal more than vanity! I've spent my career helping people loose weight, understand food and their bodies, increase their strength, and become better people in their own skin.  I understand that your fitness and your diet are an ever changing experimental balance between what you know and what you choose to do.  


Oso, meaning "bear" in Spanish, is the power animal and symbol of Oso Wellbeing.  Oso Wellbeing was created to empower and ignite the bear inside you to be fierce, to work hard, yet be practical, and most importantly be less critical of self.  The bear teaches us to acknowledge where we have come from, and thus where our true destiny lies.  

Why do you train?  What do you eat and how do you nourish yourself? Where do you want to go? How can you be the best version of yourself?

Oso Wellbeing is the place you come to dig deep, get grounded, and truly understand how to LOVE your body & self.

Personal Training

Whether you are new to strength training or a seasoned athlete, consistency and having accountability for your workout routines will keep you strong and healthy.  

While being healthier is a typical reason people contact me, we all have different micro goals. Our initial session will allow us to assess your current fitness and understand where you want to go. 

I train my clients in a studio in Ashland, Oregon where we have access to a full gym and cardio equipment. If you are not nearby, virtual training is also available.

Areas of focus:

Weight loss

Strength training for men & women

Functional movement

Prenatal & Postnatal strength training

Holistic Nutrition

Your nutrition is a completely unique to you and often sensitive topic. I spent 7 years running the nutrition department at Pura Vida Fitness & Spa in Denver, CO, after which I worked along side an MMD at Holos Health in Boulder, CO as their Holistic Nutritionist. 


While getting an up to date diet diary is part of our initial session, I tend to work a little deeper with my clients by doing more functional and clinical assessments to better understand their health needs. Being able to tailor my suggestions to fit economic background and accessibility is also taken into account. 

I also offer in-home personal meal preparation to those interested.

Areas of focus:

Weight Loss & Detoxification

Gastrointestinal Distress

Type 2 Diabetes

Adrenal dysfunction

Immune Support



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"I have trained with Sara for 4 years. I have benefited from her comprehensive approach to health which includes fitness and nutrition. Whether you are interested in training for a specific event, improving overall strength or weight loss, Sara can create a plan tailored just for you. Sara is supportive, encouraging and a blast to spend time working out with!" -Jen

"After having my baby, I knew I would need some extra motivation to help me get stronger and healthier and that's where Sara came in.  She is exactly what I needed.  Sara puts together fun and dynamic workouts that are a perfect combination of challenging and achievable.  I would leave our training sessions feeling stronger and accomplished. She is great at accommodating your training for your own needs, whether you are a sleep deprived mom or have aches and pains.  I am greatful for our time working together and feel it really helped me get back on the road to strength and health after my pregnancy.  Sara is a well rounded, knowledgable, and an empathetic trainer.  You won't regret spending your time training with her!"  - Brooke

"Sara's assistance and input with the Keotogenic diet has been extremely helpful and life changing. Three months ago I had two back to back Grand Mal seizures and was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I had been having partial seizures for the past 25 years. It was very frustrating because the doctors and Neurologists give everyone the same blanket diagnosis..."we don't know what causes this" and "we recommend medication which you most likely will be on for the rest of your life".  After doing  extensive research medication was a last resort and I wanted other options.  In our consultation Sara recommended a change of diet. The Ketogenic diet. I was a little overwhelmed and not completely convinced. I really wanted a solution but it's intimidating changing your eating habits. Here I am 5 years later and am very happy with the results thus far. No seizures or seizure symptoms! Plus I lost weight. Overall I feel better and am actually enjoying the change of lifestyle." -Melina

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