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In Home Meal Preparation


Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is where we do a mini mutrition session so that I can better understand what you're looking for in hiring me to cook for you!  We'll discuss your preferences including likes/dislikes, any food allergies/sensitivities, health goals and expectations of service, the frequency of your personal chef services, we'll also review my personal proposal for you.


I will take care of the shopping.  Depending on your needs, I am happy to "stock" your kitchen with healthy easy to grab snacks as well.  Shopping will be done the day of meal preparation to ensure that all ingredients are fresh. You are responsible for the cost of groceries. 

Meal Preparation

I prefer to cook in your home so that we do not have to transfer and deliver meals to you.  I utilize your cooking supllies, however I will bring whatever extras may be necessary.  Storage containers are to be made available to store your preparred meals.  Your kitchen will be cleaned and all items preparred will be labeled.


Instead of charging per dish, you will be billed an hourly rate plus the cost of groceries. The number of hours will vary due to the amount of meals and their complexity.   

NOTE: If you'd like me to bring storage containers, there is a one-time container charge of $75 for the packaging of your meals. These are durable, high-quality, re-usable containers. These containers are yours to keep.


Payments for hourly services can be made by check or bank transfer. Invoices will be sent to your email via Quickbooks.  Terms can be discussed for ongoing service.